Mobile Pro DJ is a company of DJ's.

We make sure to provide the best family friendly DJ service on the planet. If you are specifically looking for me to DJ your event, then see that price below.

Here's what you get if you go with us:

  • 19 years of professional experience

  • Extremely family friendly DJ service

  • Trained emcee's to keep your event going

  • We don't eat your food or drink your drinks (unless it is brought to us)

  • We don't take breaks

  • We have high-end professional gear (Bose, JBL, Shure, EV and Mackie equipment)

  • We bring ONE wireless lapel mic for the officiant. 

  • We arrive an hour before your event to set-up (this hour is not included in the charge)

  • My rate to DJ a wedding is $1100. Our normal DJ rate is $775 for 4hrs, $968 for 5hrs

We also have:

  • Photo-booth $420

  • Mood lighting (up-lighting) $200

  • Gobo $150

  • Videographer services (check out the films HERE) $1750

  • World class photographer services $1750 (check out pictures HERE)


EMAIL ME with ANY questions or if you want to book and I'll get the process in motion. 

Kam | | 817.584.0327